MA (Master)

Nahuel Gerth

Information designer & coder

Grafikdesign (Digital) | Grafikdesign (Druck)

Hi, I’m Nahuel :-)

I am an information designer and coder. My design work is driven by curiosity and experimental play. I develop visual narratives for science arts and culture.

My research and work focuses on information design, creative coding, webdesign and visual communication. I help scientific institutions, museums, researchers and artists transform their visions into effective visual communication.

I treat design as an interdisciplinary testing ground and a medium to explore new ideas. I am also a father of two kids (2 and 7), musician and a student of life.

Augmented Reality, Creative Coding, Frontend Development, Grafikdesign, Informationsdesign, Kirby, Processing, Visual Storytelling, Visuelle Kommunikation, Webdesign, Webdesign & Coding